On March 23rd 2015 I heard the passing of Great Supremo Leader of Singapore – Harry Lee Kuan Yew.

It filled me with deep sadness for the passing of this Great Man.  These have been my thoughts and my tributes for the past one year.


  1. Lee Kuan Yew was a Man of Vision.  It was his Vision in building up a Great Nation from scratch after Separation. With little or no natural resources he opened Singapore to the first MNCs in Asia.  Bringing in jobs, “know how”  &  immense wealth for Singapore
  2. A Man of Conviction. He does not mince words. A fearless fighter for truth & freedom.  And he has forged a nation of conscientious citizens – living in peace and great affluence.
  3. A Man of compassion. In the early days of an Old Folks Home in Jalan Belang, Upper Thomson Road, I met an old woman who served as a servant amah  in LKY’s home. She mentioned this, “Every time Mr. Lee brought back fruits he would first give a portion to the servants & maids. This act of kindness touched me deeply.
  4. A Man who lived far below his means. From the “hamtan kong” we see on TV we get a glimpse of the frugal lifestyle of this Great Man. No trappings of modern allurements. The exercise bicycle  he pratised on looks like it’s going to fall apart anytime. And from the testimony of Minister Shanmugan that he was told by LKY not to waste food(ice cream)  even if it’s free show conscientiousness. And when Mrs Lee was in Japan. At over 80 years old still thinking twice before buying a simple comb. This shows that LKY and his dear wife  earn their  bread by honest toil.
  5. The Very Home He Lives In Breath and Pulsate  With The Welfare and Well Being of Singaporeans, first and foremost.  A True Leader Who Served his generation unselfishly.  Here in simple settings future plans were made for the well being of Singapore. In  other nations with lesser  integrity  Leaders plot to swindle and plunder the Nations’ wealth like Marcos of the Philippines & Suharto of Indonesia. Singapore is blessed with Such An Upright  Leader in Lee Kuan Yew.  No wonder All Of Singapore turned up in unison to mourn him.  He had earned their respect – many times over! It touched me deeply on this day of March 23, 2016, bringing back the sorrowful yet sweet memory of a Dynamic Upright Leader called LEE KUAN YEW.
  6. The Rise of SHENZHEN Was At The Behest of Lee Kuan Yew! It was this same Vision which made Singapore Great – that passed on to  Deng Xiopeng who finally opened Shenzhen of China in Year 1980. The Next 30 Years Witnessed The Most Spectacular Transformation of a back water village to A Most Dynamic Exporting Power House called “THE WORLD’S FACTORY”.
  7.  And It Was This Vision That Now Work in the SPORE – ISKANDAR WIN-WIN PARTNERSHIP!


On March 23rd, 2015 We Witnessed The Crowning of His Royal Highness – Sultan Ibrahim of Iskandar, Johor Darul Takzim.

  1. A Modern Dynamic Ruler loved by Millions in Iskandar & the Whole of Malaysia and Singapore.
  2.  When the EDL Highway was constructed there was a family of Malays selling kacangs near the viaduct just beside the Highway. Seeing their plight the Benevolent Sultan made a permanent place for them to continue their trade near the Zon Hotel.
  3. A Very Intelligent & articulate & wise leader. It was said that His Royal Highness would send a dispatch to Singapore across the Causeway, every morning to get the English New Straight Times & The Singapore  Business Times. By this he learnt first hand the going on in Singapore.
  4. A LEADER OF BOTH VISION & ACTION. And Action Speaks Louder Than Words. His cooperation with China Investors in Making Iskandar Great! His benevolent condescension to eat in simple stalls with his beloved subjects. His non partisan attitude towards political leaders. As His Royal Highness is Above Politics. His all inclusive embrace of all the races in equal footing – “Bangsa Malaysia  (not Bangsa Melayu) has endeared him to all races of people in Malaysia! Many from other States Intend to Shift to Iskandar & call Johor their homes.

On this memorial day I observed with lingering sorrow the passing of Grand Leader Supremo Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.

And On This Day  The Momentous   Crowning of The Greatest Sultan Malaysia has witnessed thus far – His Royal Highness Sultan Ibrahim of Iskandar.


What A Day This Has Been!.

The Passing of One Great Leader  Followed By The Ascension of another Great Ruler.

It is indeed a mixed feelings of sorrow & hope. Hope for a Better Future For The People of  Iskandar and Singapore.


CBIP, ALAM MARTIN, WASEONG & YTL – POWER . 4 Energy Related Stocks of Fire Monkey Year (Calvin Tan)
Author: calvintaneng | Publish date: Tue, 15 Mar 2016, 01:09 AM


Govt has stated that there will be continual commitment to encourage Oil Palm Industry. Very Good for the future of CBIP. CBIP Has the best extraction method for every drop of precious palm oil. As Palm Oil Prices continues to recover due to Ongoing El Nino & La Nina there will be more business for CBIP. Calvin calls for a Buy on CBIP.


This Company is Well Supported by Govt Linked Petronas. Tabung Haji is the No 2 Top Shareholders of Alam Martin. So expect more Awards After Awards to be chanelled to Alam and keeping it Afloat. Alam should do well among 0&G counters. Just buy on weakness


Waseong has now fallen to Multi Year Lows due to EPF relentless selling. This is really dumb. EPF appoints different entities to buy and sell shares all the time. They bought Waseong at much higher price last 2 years. Now they are selling like no tomorrow. This is the best time to buy. Last time EPF sold down Ajiya to Rm1.26. If only they know that Ajiya later power up to a high of Rm4.79

Insiders have been buying & buying while EPF is selling.

Among the more important shareholders that didn’t sell are AMANAH SAHAM BUMIPUTRA & TABUNG HAJI

Waseong has more than 1 million acres plantation lands in Congo, Africa – the continent where Oil Palm Trees is native. . 440,000 acres are planted with 3 year old Oil Palm Trees

These 1 over million acres lands were bought around Rm100 millions. Now the Congo franc has appreciated by 25%. So there is deep hidden value in Waseong. While Malaysian Oil Palm Plantations are facing higher labour costs the average monthly wage of a grown man in Congo is only Rm100 per month. So Waseong can really compete.

Another important factor is Waseong’s Investments in IGB Shares. It has a Very Substantial Position in IGB. IGB is highly defensive.

With great vision Waseong is among the first companies to invest in Myanmar. And Waseong has also set up an entity in Canada where Petronas has already invested Rm12 Billions in O & G ventures.


Note: During Lehman Brothers’ Crisis in Year 2008 Waseong Share Price crashed from Rm3.06 in year 2008 to a low of 98 cents in year 2009. Then Waseong rebounded to a high of Rm2.83 in year 2010.

So Just Follow Insiders/Directors to buy more Waseong While It’s So Cheap – Brimming with VALUE NOW!


At Rm1.45 with yearly dividend of 10 cents Waseong gives a decent yield of 6.8% – better than EPF at 6.4%.

Dumb Entities Who Managed EPF Funds have bought Waseong as high as Rm1.90 are now selling it at Rm72 cents(Less than 60%) At this rate how can EPF continues to give more than 6% dividend next year?

Better take out your EPF Monies and Park them in YTL-POWER.

More so because Tenaga National says that there is a Huge Spike in Electricity Usage Due To Very Hot Weather – Airconds everywhere are humming day and night!

This is Very Good News for YTL – POWER as it sells Electricity to TNB & SERAYA In S’PORE.

And with coal, gas & crude prices at all time low YTL-POWER Should be making tonnes of money!

All the above Stocks Deal With Energy. Yes The Fire Monkey Year Will Benefit Energy Stocks the most.



Additional Information

In the book ” Keynes Way of Wealth” it was revealed that the Great Economist John Maynard Keynes invested throughout The Great Depression of the 1930s & did pretty well due to his investment in Utility Stocks that pay good dividends even during the very difficult period. And YTL-POWER is a highly recession proof Utility Stock that pays a good dividend