What other i3 investor forum members said about Calvin Tan (unsolicited comments through the years)

Icon8888 bloody hell calvin quietly makan

how come never tip us off ?

warren buffet of iskander !

17/02/2015 19:28
Comments from Super Enterprize Forum on 17th February 2015 (Super Enterprize jumped from Rm1.25 to Rm3.75 (Taken private for 200% Gain. Only Expert Sifu Lim Pei Tiam buying Super Enterprize non stop. Now Calvin & Lim Pei Tiam are in DRB. Lim Pei Tiam is in Top 30 shareholders of DRB)
PlsGiveBonus Special thank to Calvin to discover this gem
15/12/2016 16:54
Comment from Prestar Forum on 15th December 2016. Calvin recommended PreStar or Pre Star – buy it before it turns into a Star at 46 cts when nobody bothered.
paperplane2016 whenever Calvin post a doubt post, you better watch out.
so far his call on problems hit 100% correct!!
Too bad we cant sell short, else he is 100 times richer!
31/10/2016 11:56
Comment from photos of Capital City 21 photos
ckkhen I am one of those happy shareholders who followed Calvin Tan’s buy call in Jan 2016. Thanks a lot, Calvin!
26/10/2016 22:07
Comment on TMAKMUR Being recommended at Rm1.38 & taken private at Rm1.90 for 37% upside.

AyamTua Calvin Tan the famous of PMCORP now propel into INVESTOR SUPERSTARDOM!!!!!!

and AYAMTUA – credit his hardworks day and night…
CREDIT IT TO HIM…….. all pure hardworks……….


saya sokong, BITCH…..

I LOVE YOU…. keep the light shining

all of you …… SHOULD LISTEN TO CALVIN TAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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15/08/2016 02:24
From RCECAP – Chun Chun Call of Calvin Tan Research (Ayam Tua is Captain of Tudor Gold Ship)

 Posted by KClow > Oct 31, 2013 09:06 AM Report Abuse 

calvin. i would like to suggest to you to SELL PMCORP and buy an index laggard so you can stop being a chocolate salesman and retire to the comfort of a 4to5percent yield?? are you agreeable to this..

Comment from KClow in Pm Corp Forum

Also in Pm Corp Forum:

Posted by Ooi Teik Bee > Oct 31, 2013 09:13 AM Report Abuse 

Wait until the big profit appears first, then you can talk of the target price of 1.50 or 10.00.
Anyway, thank you for your advertisement. I had made some coffee money.

Dear all,
RSI is on the high side, please take your profit and buy back later when price corrects. Please be realistic that the stock price cannot go up everyday. It needs a correction before it can go up further. Please remember that you can buy back during correction.
Final decision is yours.
Thank you.

Happy that many sifu including OTB made money from Calvin’s Pm Corp (1st Call on Sept 20th 2013 at 15 cts.

Pm Corp went up 3 times over 100% & later gave 8 Cent Cash Pay Out as predicted

Posted by inwest88 > Oct 29, 2013 10:48 AM Report Abuse 

Calvin, congratulations, at this moment PMCorp has outperformed Ancomlb by miles !

Posted by davidkkw79 > Oct 26, 2013 12:09 AM Report Abuse 

Calvintaneng. Thanks for your infomatic sharing.

Btw, recently I just seen NFI in shah alam is looking for R&D manager… whoever is capable for this position, might can take a shot to it….

(This davidkkw79 started out well but later don’t know what went wrong. A short circuit?)

Posted by kcchongnz > Oct 24, 2013 09:19 AM Report Abuse 

Lets see if we got influence in the market or not by writing in i3.

I wrote little about this stock. this stock’s volumes of information here is the credit of calvin. I did write one analytical post, that is the net-net valuation of PMCorp which I said the good quality net-net value of PMCorp exceeds its market price. Very very little downside. That was why I too invested in PM Corp. Because looking at its business performance, it has good gross margin > 30%. It does not burn cash. So what you got to lose by investing in PM Corp?

Other things one need to do when deciding if want to invest is scuttle-butting popularized by Phillip Fisher scores of years ago; ie find out from the management, its staff, its creditors, debtors, customers, competitors, shareholders etc about its products. Who has the time and energy to do all these?

Yes, we have calvin here. Who is more qualified than him to talk about PMCorp’s business? He is one of the major shareholders who has the skin in it. He distribute chocolate for them. He talked to all the management staff, directors, present and the past, etc. He visits and replenish the Tudor chocolate in the stores of supermarkets. What else?

Many forumers also went to taste the chocolate products from PM Corp in the supermarket and the response is hugely positive. Is there a potential in PMCorp’s business? I would think so.

Reading through what calvin wrote, do you trust him with his sincere posts? I do. So what are you waiting for?

nokenzo Calvin, very kind of you to highlight the risk of overbought stock. Thank you.
01/09/2016 05:21
Nokenzo is a Doctor who invest in Value Shares. I used to ask his advice as my 2nd son is also a young doctor now.

Posted by speakup > Nov 28, 2016 03:02 PM Report Abuse 

Calvin is real sifu. He recommend me PMCORP, now speakup enjoy years of supply of free Kandos & Tudor chocolates.  (In Cepatwawasan Forum)

Speakup recommended BPlant with good 8% dividend. Calvin still keeping

Raider napshot & portfolio stock talk MAH…..!!

 Dec 12, 2016 10:51 AM Report Abuse 

6. “If you can find a dull business that makes money, it is less likely to attract competition.”
Raider comment;In order to do better u must dear to venture to new territory or area that people don like or area that people fear ,area that people never heard of b4 and the stock that people hated & depised mah……!!
U cannot always stick to Bluechips like Nestle, Pet Dag, Dlady, Tenaga etc mah….if u do that ur return will be common thus standard return bcos every body will be doing the same thing bcos quite common & natural to do that mah….!!
This strategy of buying into dull, unloved, neglected,feared and depised stocks and perform successfully is also confirmed by the famous Guru Peter Lynch loh…!!
It is this dull , fear, depise and neglected area where u can find the greatest value for your investment loh…!!
So start digging on all the dull stocks….see whether can uncovered some Gems loh….!!

Calvin comments:

Many thanks to all who passed fair judgements on Calvin through the weeks, months & now 3 years already in i3 forum.

Investing in overlooked, unloved shares with deep value is Calvin’s forte. Though the majority might not agree. Never mind.

Calvin thinks it is the safest and most rewarding way of investment for the longer term.

OPCOM – Better than putting monies in Bank F/D

Buy OPCOM better than putting money in FD for safety. 3% interest is no use due to high inflation .

Author: calvintaneng   |   Publish date: Tue, 6 Dec 2016, 10:39 PM

Why buy Opcom better than putting monies in Fixed Deposit for 3% to 3.5% bank interest?


Because in times of inflation putting money in bank is no longer safe due to debasement of all paper currencies.

And why OPCOM of so many other counters?


OPCOM at 55.5 cts is selling at a very attractive price now!

It has 52 over cents NTA and in Rm35 million Cash Position. Only a small Rm5 million in borrowing.

With such sound finances OPCOM is able to give regular dividends over the years.

The bonus is this. OPCOM gives Special Tax exempt dividend from time to time. Especially after it secures a Big Project

Last time OPCOM secured a Rm359 Million project from TM

And from the accumulated profits OPCOM later gave 2 Special Dividends

1) 22.5 cts

2) 11 cts

So Rm359 mil project generated 33.5 cts dividend!

That was in the past.

What’s in Store for now?

The good news is this!

Last year OPCOM secured a combined project awards of Rm280 millions.

Calvin expects OPCOM to give a generous offer of between 20 cts to 25 cts this round.

What does that mean for lucky share holders?

Say a conservative 20 cts?

So 20 divides by 55.5 = 36%

Ha! if you take 6 cts dividend per year at 55.5 cts you will get 10.8% yearly for the next 6 years till year 2012! Total is 64.8%!!

Putting the same amount in Bank FD at 3.5% will only get you a total of 21% (43.8% less)

So buying OPCOM is a no brainer if you think of putting money in Bank FD for safety.


In year 2007/2008 I owned over 100 stocks. I sold all except OPCOM because OPCOM is isolated & insulated from Crisis – A Real Tsunami Sheltered Stock

Of course 10.8% per year dividend for the next 6 years is my lowest estimate. It could be much more if OPCOM secures more projects for fiber optic cables.


Look at what past i3 forumers wrote about OPCOM

Posted by leslieyong77 > Sep 3, 2012 07:06 PM Report Abuse 

Special div of 11cts net

Posted by kcfan > Sep 3, 2012 07:59 PM Report Abuse 

Yes ! Another special high dividend announcement.Good to hold.

Posted by kl foong > Sep 3, 2012 09:39 PM Report Abuse 

Return on equity is very impressive –
2008 – 6.94%
2009 – 8.92%
2010 – 13.18%
2011 – 23.23%
2012 – 26.4 %


Posted by kcfan > Sep 26, 2012 08:37 PM Report Abuse 

Opcom declares special dividend of 11 sen
Opcom Holdings Bhd, a fibre optic cables manufacturer, declared an interim special dividend of 11 sen per share, making the total payout for the year 12.5 sen, so far. “At 12.5 sen, it works out to be a 15 per cent return. So, Opcom shareholders will find this payout to be much, much better than putting their money in fixed deposits that is currently only yielding 3.5 per cent,” said executive director Eric Chhoa Kwang Hua. (Source: Business Times)

Ha! Did you notice the words of Director Chhoa Kwang Hua

He said, A 15% return from OPCOM is much, much better than putting money in fixed deposits currently only yielding 3.5%. This was posted by kcfan on sept 26 2012.

And Director Chooa Kwang Hwa has been buying and buying OPCOM shares on weakness (Calvin spotted this chun chun and now tell all i3 forum members to load up!